Websites and Development

Including Creative and Affordable Social Media and Digital Marketing

Many small businesses can't afford expensive web sites (or are ignored by larger design firms.) Bahamas Web Designs, however, delights in servicing smaller businesses and offering affordable packages tailored to small budgets.

Social Media

Also, ask us about Social Media—favourite platforms for many Bahamian businesses. We can help set up, design and keep your social media channels lively and up-to-date. We can build your customer base using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest.


As for website development, we're ideal for home-based or solo entrepreneurs such small shops, personal selling services, small importers, restaurants, cafes, bars and eateries. We can take you from the first steps of choosing a domain name and hosting your site, to designing it and providing ongoing maintenance.

We'll support you over the long term. This means keeping your website up-to-date with responsive web design on all your platforms.

If in the future you want more functionalities such as e-commerce or online shopping, we can ramp up to that too. With us, you can start small and grow to any size or capability.

We believe in simplicity—we can create a web site in a few easy steps:

Remember that we're a one-stop-shop! Would you like other ways to be visible? For example, would you like a social media campaign, t-shirts, posters or business cards? We can help you with all your marketing and design needs.

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