Skilled from Graphic Design To Website Development

Specializing In Small Businesses

Bahamas Web Designs was established in 2009 by Barbara-Anne Miller, a graduate in Commercial Art at Fort Lauderdale's Art Institute. For 25 years she's been designing for private clients, ad agencies, printing firms and publishers. Her portfolio encompasses a wide range of products and services from logo design to web sites.

With years in the graphics field, she has built a team of freelance experts who often join her projects as needed. Barbara-Anne herself designs practically anything and codes web sites using native HTML5, Flash, CSS, and database tools. Her sites can range—according to customers' desires—from simple static pages to interactive responsive websites for all platforms such as smart phones, tablets and desktop computers.

As well as a love of art, design and coding, Barbara enjoys horses, riding, fitness and travel. She'll often visit the Out Islands on pleasure or for business to meet clients and to get to know their businesses.